The “Horace’s Villa” Project 1997-2003

Volume 1. Report on new fieldwork and research. Volume 2. Documentation

Bernard Frischer, Jane Crawford and Monica de Simone


“Horace’s Villa” is the name given to the site of a Roman country house near the hill town of ‘Licenza’ (Roma), which is located approximately 30 miles from the centre of Rome. The site remains in quotation marks as, although the identification is traditional and possible, it is by no means certain. The “Horace’s Villa” Project, 1997-2003 was initiated with the main goal of adding to the knowledge of the site in terms of time and space. There were two main areas to be investigated, which could be called the ‘meta-archaeological’ and the ‘archaeological’. The former entailed looking afresh at earlier investigations, while the latter offered opportunities to look at new discoveries, such as the baths, entrance, and the rural hinterland.