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The History of Archaeological Research in the Melfese

A bibliography from the sites of Lavello, Melfi and RAacandida

Pasqualina Iosca


A study of the neglected Malfese regions of southern Italy and the archaeological work undertaken in the area. The objective is to organize an excursus on the history of archaeological research carried out in the territory of the Vulture-Melfese, drawingon most recent analyses. It will includes summaries of the conclusions that have been presented and which are seen as particularly useful regarding the study of the archaeology of the region, beyond supplying the bibliography of the publications of such archaeological activity. This is organised by territory; each part of the Vulture-Melfese having the history of research described, with a discussion of the finds and a complete bibliography of all published material, including not only scholarly works but articles published in popular journals and newspapers in the Provincial and National Libraries of Potenza.