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The Excavation of a Romano-British Shrine at Orton's Pasture, Rocester, Staffordshire

I.M. Ferris, L. Bevan and R. Cuttler with contributions by A.S. Esmonde Cleary, A. Hammon, K. Hartley, C. Hewitson, T. Joyce, D.F. Mackreth, A. Monckton, R.S.O. Tomlin, D. Williams, S. Willis. Illustrations by M. Breedon and N. Dodds
Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit Monograph Series


A summary of rescue excavations at the Romano-British Shrine site at Rocester, Staffordshire, dating from the late first to mid-second centuries AD. Parts of two enclosures identified as being associated with the adjacent Roman fort complex were also dug, and pits revealed several unusual finds, including an altar fragment. A small, stone building in one of the enclosures has been identified as a shrine.