The Complex Roundhouses of the Scottish Iron Age

An architectural analysis of complex Atlantic roundhouses (brochs and galleried duns), with reference to wheelhouses and timber roundhouses. Volume I – Text and Illustrations. Volume II – Catalogue

Tanja Romankiewicz


This research on complex roundhouses of the Scottish Iron Age is split into two volumes. Volume I presents the main text, discussing the results of the analysis and the arguments for their interpretation. There are illustrations within this text that areintended to help illuminate a point at the time of reading without having to go to different sections of the book. Further illustrations are presented in the Appendix of volume I and include a sequence of maps to introduce the study area, general terminology and the tables and diagrams of the data analysis. The second volume consists of the catalogue, which is not simply the presentation of the field and research data collected during this study, but is also intended to illustrate the arguments for reconstructing individual cAR evidence. The main text and the catalogue are best read in conjunction and by compiling these in two separate volumes, it is hoped that this is the best format for such cross-referencing.