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The Bronze Age Pottery of the Isle of Man

Evidence for cultural movement around the Irish Sea Basin

Jennifer Woodcock. Illustrations by Brian Williams


This volume attempts to establish or infer movement of people, objects and/or technology from archaeological evidence of similarity in form, decoration and use, the nature of the ceramic assemblages from the Isle of Man (UK) and those from other contemporary communities living around the Irish Sea. Evidence for contact was sought primarily with those areas most clearly visible from the Island itself, from the north and east of Ireland, from southwest Scotland and from northwest England. Ceramic evidence from Anglesey and the north Wales coast with its immediate hinterland, and from parts of northwest England, including Merseyside and Cheshire to within 25 miles of the coast was also taken into consideration. In addition, on the basis of a limited number of radiocarbon dates, an attempt is also made to address the problems of establishing a possible sequential relationshA within the northern Irish Sea area and a Bronze Age chronology for the Isle of Man. Also included is a comprehensively illustrated anddescrAtive catalogue of the Manx Bronze Age pottery for the benefit of future researchers.