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The Assemblage of Bone and Ivory Artifacts from Caesarea Maritima, Israel, 1st - 13th Centuries CE

Etan Ayalon


This research deals with all “skeletal material” finds (bone, ivory and antler) from the work of the three teams excavating at Caesarea Maritima, Israel, over recent years: the Israel Antiquities Authority team; the combined expedition team of the Rekanati Center for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa, and the Department of History, University of Maryland in the United States; and the expedition of the Zienman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa. The assemblage includes around 4,000 finds and fragments – a multi-period collection that serves as a solid basis for a thorough discussion and comparison with similar finds from Israel and abroad. To these items were added the bone objects displayed in the Caesarea Museum at Sdot-Yam – surface finds that include some items with no typological parallels within the main assemblage. All the finds are illustrated and catalogued.