The Archaeology of Community Emergence and Development on Mabuyag in The Western Torres Strait

Duncan Wright


Torres Strait lies at a crucial point both geographically and conceptually between Australia and the Pacific. This book examines methodologies used in both regions for examining bounded archaeological communities. It applies a model of social archaeologyand regionalisation to identify the settlement history of Mabuyag. By investigating sites of importance to the community this study provides an archaeology that is alive and important to the Goemulgaw people today. The author examines the archaeology of one Torres Strait Islander community, the Goemulgal of Mabuyag in central western Torres Strait. The book provides the first detailed archaeological study into the emergence and development of historically and ethnographically-known villages in the TorresStrait. The close examination of settlement and subsistence histories on Mabuyag furnishes chronological insights into the changing role of villages for a single island community. By examining chronologies previously established by archaeological researchers working in Torres Strait, this study adds to emerging broad chronological patterns across the region.