The Anglo-Saxons: The World through their Eyes

Gale R. Owen-Crocker and Brian W. Schneider


The papers published here are developed from presentations made at a Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies Conference entitled ‘The Anglo-Saxons in their World’ held in 2010. An eclectic collection of studies drawing on Latin, Old English and Old Norse texts, artefacts and archaeology, papers are groups into five themed sections: ‘Chosen people in their place’; ‘Life in Anglo-Saxon England’; ‘Beyond the shore’; ‘The Mediterranean and beyond’; and ‘The North, The Universe’, though other connections may be found. Two papers focus largely on early archaeology (Battaglia, Trzaska-Nartowski and Riddler) and King’s study is also of an archaeological find. A majority of papers relate to the intellectual climate of the early Christian period in England (Larpi, Higham, Grocock, King, Cesario, Barker and to some extent Sebo). Several take evidence from later Anglo-Saxon manuscrAts (Scragg, Hill, Frederick, Sebo). Fafinski attempts a chronological sweep beginning in the Roman period, and Banham from the seventh century to the eleventh.