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Tall Zar?a in Jordan

Report on the sondage at Tall Zar?a 2001-2002 (Gadara Region Project: Tall Zara?a)

Jan Dijkstra, Meindert Dijkstra, Karel J.H. Vriezen


In 2001, the Gadara Region Project was started, and the tell in the centre of Wadi al-Arab, Tall Zar'a was chosen as an initial focus of research. During previous visits to the site, it had been established that this tell had been inhabited almost continuously from the Early Bronze Age to the Late Ottoman Period. Tall Zar'a is situated in the western sector of Wadi al-'Arab, which runs from the Transjordanian highlands near the city of Irbid to the Jordan Valley near northern Shunah. Contents: Introduction; Sondage and Stratigraphy; Architectural Remains; The Pottery; Small Finds; Stone Artefacts; Iron Age Cooking Vessels; Tall Zar'a as ‘Gadara’ in the Later Bronze and Early Iron Age.