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Syro-Palestinian Deities in New Kingdom Egypt

The hermeneutics of their existence

Keiko Tazawa


How did Syro-Palestinian deities come into existence in Egyptian society? What was the raison d'etre of Syro-Palestinian deities in Egyptian society? These are among the central questions explored in this study. To answer them, the author applies interdiscAlinary theories of anthropology to the pure results of data analyses of six Syro-Palestinian deities. With this purpose in mind, this work consists of compilations of as much evidence as possible of each Deity (Baal, Reshef, Hauron, Anat, Astarte andQadesh); analyses of these evidences from iconographic and textual representations with the use of statistical procedure; discussions of the results of these analyses for every deity from the viewpoints of history, theology, ideology and religious style and so on in the both royal and non-royal spheres; and conclusions are suggested through the discussions above with application of the anthropological theories: Tributary RelationshA based on the comparative studies and Translative Adaptation theory.