Rock-Art / Semiotics

Bar: S2865
ISBN: 9781407315690
Authors: Boel Bengtsson
Year: 2017

This book argues that the use of sail as a complement to paddling would have formed an integral part of the development of centres of power in the early... More

Bar: S2837
ISBN: 9781407315164
Authors: Kalle Sognnes
Year: 2017

This book examines the Northern (Stone Age) rock art of central Norway, which is dominated by images of marine and terrestrial motifs. It focuses on... More

Bar: S2787
ISBN: 9781407314464
Editors: Marc Groenen and Marie-Christine Groenen
Year: 2016

Research on rock art conducted during the last several decades has shown the skill and knowledge demonstrated by the painters, engravers and sculptors who... More

Bar: S2659
ISBN: 9781407313016
Editors: Luiz Oosterbeek and Cláudia Fidalgo
Year: 2014

This volume brings together several papers delivered in different sessions that, for various reasons, were not completely published. Four major themes are... More

Bar: S2655
ISBN: 9781407312972
Editors: Luis Oosterbeek, Abdoulaye Camara and Cristina Martins
Year: 2014

African Prehistory is at the core of UISPP concerns, namely due to its crucial role to understand the origins and evolution of humans, but also for the... More

Bar: S2625
ISBN: 9781407312606
Editors: Bettina Schulz Paulsson and Bisserka Gaydarska
Year: 2014

The Neolithic and Copper age monuments in Europe, consisting of stone temples and circles, standing stones, henge monuments, long barrows, megalithic graves,... More

Bar: S2609
ISBN: 9781407312408
Authors: António Pedro Martins da Mota Batarda Fernandes
Year: 2014

Open-air rock-art forms one of the most widely distributed categories of prehistoric culture with examples recognized across the Old and New Worlds. It is... More

Bar: S2591
ISBN: 9781407312194
Editors: Jorge López Quiroga and Artemio Manuel Martínez Tejera
Year: 2014

This fourth volume (Proceedings 4) presents the results of an international conference held at the Museo de los Orígenes (Casa de San Isidro) in December... More

Ahlat 2008
Bar: S2560
ISBN: 9781407311814
Editors: Roberto Bixio, Andrea De Pascale and Nakis Karamagarali
Year: 2013

Since 1991, the Centro Studi Sotterranei of Genoa has conducted the exploration, survey and documentation of rock-cut and underground structures located in... More

Bar: S2558
ISBN: 9781407311791
Editors: Fanis Mavridis and Jesper Tae Jensen
Year: 2013

This volume provides a welcome introduction to cave archaeology generally (or it may be used as a reader on aspects of cave research); its purpose is to... More

Desert Boats
Bar: S2544
ISBN: 9781407311647
Authors: Francis Lankester
Year: 2013

The aim of this study is to explore the rock-art of the Central Eastern Desert and has three objectives: to outline the petroglyphs’ distribution, to date... More

Bar: S2496
ISBN: 9781407311128
Editors: Marc Groenen
Year: 2013

This book is the result of two symposia from the 16th World Congress of the IUPPS (Florianópolis, Brazil, 4-10 September 2011): ‘The image in portable art... More