Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography

Bar: S2711
ISBN: 9781407313627
Authors: Agata Lo Tauro
Year: 2015

This book delivers information and technology skills to people around the world. It provides a comprehensive overview of networking, from fundamentals to... More

Bar: S2288
ISBN: 9781407308654
Editors: Marc Lodewijckx and René Pelegrin
Year: 2011

Bar: S2128
ISBN: 9781407306698
Authors: Vladimír Hašek and Josef Unger
Year: 2010

A representational survey of sites of religious architecture in the present Czech Republic using geophysics and non-destructive archaeological methods. More

Bar: S2118
ISBN: 9781407306599
Editors: Stefano Campana, Maurizio Forte and Claudia Liuzza
Year: 2010

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology held in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India, in August 2009. More

Bar: S2029
ISBN: 9781407306063
Editors: Alexandra Velho and Hans Kamermans
Year: 2009

This book includes papers from Session C04, ‘Technology and Methodology for Archaeological Practice: Practical applications for the past reconstruction’,... More

Bar: S1943
ISBN: 9781407304236
Authors: Anne Marie Carstens
Year: 2009

On the specific level, this work is an enquiry into Karia (south-western Turkey) and the Hekatomnids in the 4th century BC, a Persian satrapy and its... More

Bar: S1817
ISBN: 9781407303031
Editors: Minna Lönnqvist
Year: 2008

The papers of a Nordic research training seminar that took place during a NorFA (currently NordForsk) PhD course in Syria in May 2004. These papers offer an... More

Bar: S1209
ISBN: 9781841715728
Editors: Mark Collier and Stephen Quirke with a chapter by Annette Imhausen and Jim Ritter
Year: 2004

The papyri presented in this volume (the second volume in the Lahun series: cf. BAR 1083: ‘Letters’) range across all categories between letters and... More

Bar: 626
ISBN: 9781407314822
Authors: Fiona Fleming
Year: 2016

This is a publication of my doctoral thesis with the University of Exeter. My research aim has been to assess patterns of settlement continuity and... More

Bar: 531
ISBN: 9781407307879
Authors: Alistair Marshall
Year: 2011

This programme of five geophysical analyses arose from specific problems encountered during survey and excavation of mid-later Iron Age settlement enclosures... More

Bar: 524
ISBN: 9781407307374
Authors: Thomas H Jolliffe
Year: 2010

This work represents an in-depth study of Iron Age – Romano-British periods in the Upper Witham Valley (Lincolnshire, England). ‘In addition to field... More

Bar: 453
ISBN: 9781407301778
Authors: PhilA Robertson with contributions by Jane Maddocks and Steve Webster
Year: 2007

The Sound of Mull Archaeological Project (SOMAP) was carried out between 1994 and 2005 to map and assess the condition of a wide range of underwater and... More