Music and Dance

Bar: S1591
ISBN: 9781407300078
Authors: Gustavo Neme
Year: 2007

The subject of this study is hunter-gatherer adaptations to high altitude, focussed around the little-known valley of the River Atuel in the province of... More

Bar: S1483
ISBN: 9781841719184
Editors: Alexa Dufraisse
Year: 2006

9 papers from a symposium held in Basel in 2004 to discuss current aspects of charcoal analysis. More

Bar: S1477
ISBN: 9781841719122
Authors: Adolfo F. Gil
Year: 2006

A valuable new contribution to the regional archaeology of La Payunia (Argentina), tackling issues of broader interest such as the elusive relationshAs... More

Bar: S1465
ISBN: 9781841719016
Authors: Liliana M. Manzi
Year: 2006

This research analyzes the use of space by hunter-gatherers during the Archaic Period in the Southern Puna of Argentina (Antofagasta de la Sierra, province... More

Bar: S1150
ISBN: 9781841715209
Authors: Frédéric Abbès
Year: 2003

The period which extended from the 10th to the 8th millennium BP in the Near East corresponds to the PPNB phase of the Neolithic (Pre-Pottery Neolithic B).... More

Bar: S1124
ISBN: 9781841715001
Authors: Ruth Young
Year: 2003

This study compares two environmentally very different regions in The North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age, in... More

Bar: S1054
ISBN: 9781841714349
Editors: Charlotte A. Roberts, Mary E. Lewis and K. Manchester
Year: 2002

This book contains papers from the Proceedings of the International Congress on the Evolution and Palaeoepidemiology of the Infectious Diseases 3 (ICEPID)... More

Bar: S872
ISBN: 9781841710747
Editors: Joel D. Gunn
Year: 2000

“In the fall season of A.D. 536 Cassiodorus sat at his writing table…..” So Joel D. Gunn begins this interesting and unusual topic of study. Fifteen further... More

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Bar: S624
ISBN: 9780860548058
Authors: Christine Chataigner
Year: 1995

Bar: 504
ISBN: 9781407306308
Authors: Stephen Banfield
Year: 2010

The Sounds of Stonehenge originated as a workshop of the Centre for the History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth (CHOMBEC), held at the... More

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Bar: 389
ISBN: 9781841718347
Authors: Charmian Woodfield with contributions byChris Caple, John Cattell, Geof Egan, Helen Howard, PhilA Kiberd, Helen List, Graham Morgan, James Rackham, Stephanie Ratkai, Charles Tracy, Hugh Willmott, Paul Woodfield
Year: 2005

Excavations carried out in the 1960s on the site of the Carmelite Friary at Coventry, England, revealed the lost church, of unexpected size and splendour,... More