Hunter-Gatherers / Hunting

Bar: S2861
ISBN: 9781407315522
Authors: Laura Lewis
Year: 2017

Microlith production is a distinctive and significant stone tool technology. However, inter-regional comparative analyses of microlithic industries are... More

Bar: S2816
ISBN: 9781407315591
Authors: Virginia Lynch
Year: 2016

El siguiente estudio se focaliza en las modalidades de uso de las tecnologías líticas manufacturadas por diferentes grupos cazadores-recolectores, que... More

Bar: S2810
ISBN: 9781407315485
Authors: Aritza Villaluenga Martínez
Year: 2016

This monograph develops a zooarchaeological and taphonomic study of four archaeological sites (Lezetxiki, Astigarragako Kobea, Labeko Koba and Ekain) and two... More

Bar: S2783
ISBN: 9781407314525
Authors: John R. Lukacs, Jagannath Pal, with contributions by M.C. Gupta, V.D. Misra, Greg C. Nelson, and G. Robbins Schug
Year: 2016

A fresh and innovative approach to the skeletal biology of prehistoric South Asians is presented in this volume. It is the first comprehensive... More

Bar: S2782
ISBN: 9781407314532
Authors: Ana Cristina Araújo
Year: 2016

Around 9500 BC, a number of changes take place in the life ways of human groups that, henceforth, will be designated as Mesolithic. These changes set... More

Bar: S2778
ISBN: 9781407314709
Authors: Isabell Schmidt
Year: 2015

Five basic Solutrean point types from the Iberian Peninsula are analysed at local, regional and Pan-Iberian scales in this book. The author reports new... More

Bar: S2694
ISBN: 9781407313412
Authors: Éva J. Daschek
Year: 2014

This work deals with Neanderthal subsistence behaviours during the Middle Palaeolithic in Hungary, through the example of Érd site. Very discreet, hunting... More

Bar: S2641
ISBN: 9781407312781
Editors: Elizabeth Pintar
Year: 2014

This book synthesizes the last 25 years of research on the prehistoric inhabitants of an intermontane basin located at elevations above 11,000 ft. This... More

Bar: S2526
ISBN: 9781407311449
Editors: Antonieta Jerardino, Antonia Malan and David Braun
Year: 2013

This work presents contributions from South African, European, and North American authors working in academic and governmental institutions. Chapters provide... More

Bar: S2307
ISBN: 9781407308906
Authors: Fabiana Skarbun
Year: 2011

This work represents a study of the hunter-gatherer societies that occupied the Central Plateau of Santa Cruz, with a special focus on La María... More

Bar: S2259
ISBN: 9781407308302
Authors: Gisela Cassiodoro
Year: 2011

The aim of this investigation is to evaluate, through technology, the mobility of hunter- gatherers who inhabited the northwest of Santa Cruz province... More

Bar: S2251
ISBN: 9781407308180
Authors: Levent Atici
Year: 2011

The author investigates changes in local hunter-gatherer adaptations during the Terminal Pleistocene in the Western Taurus Mountains of Turkey, a crucial but... More