Human Origins

Bar: S2861
ISBN: 9781407315522
Authors: Laura Lewis
Year: 2017

Microlith production is a distinctive and significant stone tool technology. However, inter-regional comparative analyses of microlithic industries are... More

Bar: S2719
ISBN: 9781407313726
Editors: Anek R. Sankhyan
Year: 2015

The present volume is based on research articles submitted as part of an international conference Exploring Human Origins: Exciting discoveries at the start... More

Bar: S2655
ISBN: 9781407312972
Editors: Luis Oosterbeek, Abdoulaye Camara and Cristina Martins
Year: 2014

African Prehistory is at the core of UISPP concerns, namely due to its crucial role to understand the origins and evolution of humans, but also for the... More

Bar: S2526
ISBN: 9781407311449
Editors: Antonieta Jerardino, Antonia Malan and David Braun
Year: 2013

This work presents contributions from South African, European, and North American authors working in academic and governmental institutions. Chapters provide... More

Bar: S2415
ISBN: 9781407310138
Editors: Bruno Boulestin et Dominique Henry Gambier
Year: 2012

This book includes papers on skull interpretations and related archaeological issues from a roundtable event organized by La Musée National de Préhistoire,... More

Bar: S2400
ISBN: 9781407309958
Editors: Karen Ruebens, Iza Romanowska and Rachel Bynoe
Year: 2012

This book includes papers from the 2011 conference marking ten years of Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (CAHO, University of Southampton). More

Bar: S2142
ISBN: 9781407306834
Authors: Halawathage Nimal Perera
Year: 2010

Sri Lanka is a tropical island that lies approximately halfway between Africa and Australia along the northern rim of the Indian Ocean, and has one of the... More

Bar: S2026
ISBN: 9781407306032
Editors: Eric Crubezy et al
Year: 2009

This book includes papers from Sessions C06, C08, C14, C62 and WS32 grouped as ‘Humans: Evolution and Environment’ from the XV UISPP World Congress (Lisbon,... More

Bar: S1940
ISBN: 9781407304205
Editors: John McNabb and Anthony Sinclair
Year: 2009

This volume represents the efforts of a significant collaborative project and provides a completely up-to-date interpretation of the Cave of Hearths (Makapan... More

Bar: S1937
ISBN: 9781407304526
Authors: Valéry Zeitoun
Year: 2009

Homo erectus, Homo soloensis, Homo pakinensis and Homo floresiensis More

Bar: S1709
ISBN: 9781407301532
Authors: Robin Coningham and Ihsan Ali
Year: 2007

The Bala Hisar of Charsadda is a 23m high mound covering an area of some 25 hectares close to the confluence of the Swat and Kabul rivers in North West... More

Bar: S1422
ISBN: 9781841718613
Authors: Nabil Ali
Year: 2005

This study is divided into two main parts. Part one presents the ethnoarchaeological study that has been conducted on (late-Sixth to Fifth Millennium BC)... More