History of Archaeology

Bar: S2782
ISBN: 9781407314532
Authors: Ana Cristina Araújo
Year: 2016

Around 9500 BC, a number of changes take place in the life ways of human groups that, henceforth, will be designated as Mesolithic. These changes set... More

Bar: S2740
ISBN: 9781407313993
Editors: Mounir Arbach and Jérémie Schiettecatte
Year: 2015

This book presents proceedings of the 17th Rencontres Sabeennes held in Paris, 6-8 June 2013. More

Bar: S2732
ISBN: 9781407313894
Editors: Peter James and Peter G. van der Veen. Assistant editor Robert M. Porter
Year: 2015

A collection of papers presented at the Third BICANE Colloquium held at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge in March of 2011. More

Bar: S2728
ISBN: 9781407313863
Authors: Charlotte Schriwer
Year: 2015

The main aim of this project was to document as many existing structures as possible due to the rapid development of rural areas, and a fear that these... More

Bar: S2569
ISBN: 9781407311906
Authors: Chiara Zazzaro
Year: 2013

The book unveils documents and museum collections related to research and excavations conducted on the Red Sea coast and at Adulis in the 19th and 20th... More

Bar: S2512
ISBN: 9781407311302
Editors: Hildegard Wiegel and Michael Vickers
Year: 2013

A collection of 16 papers to honour Arthur MacGregor and his work. More

Bar: S2454
ISBN: 9781407310626
Editors: Dennys Frenez and Maurizio Tosi
Year: 2013

Bar: S2411
ISBN: 9781407310091
Authors: Antonino Crisà
Year: 2012

Bar: S2409
ISBN: 9781407310077
Editors: Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw and Eleni Stefanou
Year: 2012

The idea for this volume emerged from critical self-reflection about diverse archaeological practices in a session presented at the 13th European Association... More

Bar: S2226
ISBN: 9781407307848
Authors: Ronald Higginson
Year: 2011

This book offers an overview of the whole period from the first evidence of the Roman rediscovery of figured vases until the end of the 20th century. It... More

Bar: S2053
ISBN: 9781407305424
Authors: Dudley Moore
Year: 2010

This work focuses on three important British travellers to Crete during the 18th and 19th centuries to establish whether or not they made any significant... More

Bar: S2046
ISBN: 9781407306223
Editors: Mircea Babes and Marc-Antoine Kaeser
Year: 2009

This book includes papers from session C75, Archaeologists without Boundaries: Towards a History of International Archaeological Congresses (1866-2006)... More