Food and Drink / Diet

Bar: S2852
ISBN: 9781407315935
Editors: Jorge López Quiroga, Michel Kazanski and Vujadin Ivanišević
Year: 2017

Much has been written in recent years about Identities, understood as social, nested or constructing identities; or ‘Ethnic Identity’, presented as a... More

Bar: S2831
ISBN: 9781407315751
Authors: Carole Fossurier
Year: 2016

[Text in French] Les populations des VIIIe-Xe siècles du nord-ouest de la France peuvent être analysées grâce à l’étude de leurs ossements. Pour... More

Bar: S2830
ISBN: 9781407315089
Editors: Attilio Mastrocinque, Chiara Maria Marchetti and Rossana Scavone
Year: 2016

[Text in Italian] Grumentum, in the inland of Basilicata, was a Lucanian city and then a Roman colony. This volume publishes the papers presented at... More

Bar: S2783
ISBN: 9781407314525
Authors: John R. Lukacs, Jagannath Pal, with contributions by M.C. Gupta, V.D. Misra, Greg C. Nelson, and G. Robbins Schug
Year: 2016

A fresh and innovative approach to the skeletal biology of prehistoric South Asians is presented in this volume. It is the first comprehensive... More

Bar: S2767
ISBN: 9781407314280
Authors: Natalia Moragas Segura
Year: 2015

In 1992, in the context of the Archaeological Project Teotihuacan 92-94 under the direction of Eduardo MaA Montezuma , two caves in the southeast of the... More

Salt Effect
Bar: S2760
ISBN: 9781407314228
Editors: Marius Alexianu, Roxana-Gabriela Curca, Vasile Cotiuga
Year: 2015

Salt is a biological and social necessity to human life. Salt has played a significant role in many ancient and modern processes, such as trade,... More

Bar: S2755
ISBN: 9781407314167
Authors: Sarah Walshaw
Year: 2015

This monograph examines Swahili plant subsistence and food production patterns through the analysis of macrobotanical remains from four archaeological sites... More

Bar: S2746
ISBN: 9781407314075
Authors: Hojjat Darabi with a preface by Peder Mortensen
Year: 2015

During recent years new excavations at a number of Neolithic locations in the Central Zagros by German, British and Iranian archaeologists have revealed a... More

Bar: S2743
ISBN: 9781407314020
Authors: Lumila Paula Menéndez
Year: 2015

Evolutionary and ecological processes are important for modelling the patterns of morphological variation among human populations. Within the ecological... More

Bar: S2725
ISBN: 9781407313801
Authors: Eduardo Williams
Year: 2015

The present study offers new information on salt production in Michoacán, broadening our perspectives on the role played by common salt, or sodium chloride,... More

Bar: S2706
ISBN: 9781407313573
Authors: Alemseged Beldados
Year: 2015

Archaeobotanical investigation was conducted on a total of thirty two thousand (n=32,000) pot fragments, baked clay and fired clay collected from different... More

Bar: S2667
ISBN: 9781407313092
Authors: Dragana Filipovic
Year: 2014

The Neolithic Çatalhöyük (c. 7400-6000 cal. BC), in the Konya Plain of Central Anatolia, was made famous by the excavations of James Mellaart in 1960s, who... More