Experimental Archaeology

Bar: S2865
ISBN: 9781407315690
Authors: Boel Bengtsson
Year: 2017

This book argues that the use of sail as a complement to paddling would have formed an integral part of the development of centres of power in the early... More

Bar: S2864
ISBN: 9781407316024
Authors: Anna Lunardi
Year: 2017

Questo volume è una sintesi dei sistemi di gestione degli strumenti in pietra non scheggiata di tre siti chiave della Cultura dei vasi a bocca quadrata... More

Bar: S2816
ISBN: 9781407315591
Authors: Virginia Lynch
Year: 2016

El siguiente estudio se focaliza en las modalidades de uso de las tecnologías líticas manufacturadas por diferentes grupos cazadores-recolectores, que... More

Bar: S2657
ISBN: 9781407312996
Editors: Sara Cura, Jedson Cerezer, Maria Gurova, Boris Santander, Luiz Oosterbeek and Jorge Cristóvão
Year: 2014

Experimental Archaeology as an hypothesis contrast method, focusing on technological studies, is not new in archaeological research procedures. Since the... More

Bar: S2388
ISBN: 9781407309804
Authors: Helen Lewis
Year: 2012

This volume presents a series of experimental investigations designed to explore the identification and characterisation of ancient arable farming through a... More

Bar: S2331
ISBN: 9781407309149
Authors: Malgorzata Kot
Year: 2012

The Klissoura cave site (Argolid, Greece) is a multi–layered site with layers dating back to the Middle Palaeolithic. In the Aurignacian layer were found... More

Bar: S2223
ISBN: 9781407307817
Authors: Michal Wasilewski
Year: 2011

A new archaeological study of the volcanic region in southern Peru known as ‘The Valley of the Volcanoes’. More

Bar: S2024
ISBN: 9781407305998
Authors: Cécile Véber
Year: 2009

A study of metal hoards in the regions along the Franco-German border. More

Bar: S1949
ISBN: 9781407304328
Authors: Débora M. Kligmann
Year: 2009

Analyses of site formation processes in the Argentine Puna are uncommon and they are mainly devoted to answering taphonomic questions; understanding site... More

Bar: S1448
ISBN: 9781841718842
Editors: Amanda–Alice Maravelia
Year: 2005

Bar: S982
ISBN: 9781841712680
Editors: John E. Staller and Elizabeth J. Currie
Year: 2001

This volume has its origins in a symposium on South American Prehistory that took place at the Chicago 64th Annual Meeting of the Society for American... More

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Bar: S624
ISBN: 9780860548058
Authors: Christine Chataigner
Year: 1995