Epigraphy / Ancient and Medieval Texts / Papyri

Bar: S2852
ISBN: 9781407315935
Editors: Jorge López Quiroga, Michel Kazanski and Vujadin Ivanišević
Year: 2017

Much has been written in recent years about Identities, understood as social, nested or constructing identities; or ‘Ethnic Identity’, presented as a... More

Bar: S2830
ISBN: 9781407315089
Editors: Attilio Mastrocinque, Chiara Maria Marchetti and Rossana Scavone
Year: 2016

[Text in Italian] Grumentum, in the inland of Basilicata, was a Lucanian city and then a Roman colony. This volume publishes the papers presented at... More

Bar: S2824
ISBN: 9781407315706
Authors: Josep Casas and Victòria Soler
Year: 2016

[Text in Spanish with an English abstract] Este libro analiza los resultados de las excavaciones en el yacimiento de Mas Gusó, cercano... More

Bar: S2811
ISBN: 9781407314600
Authors: Nathalie Toye-Dubs
Year: 2016

This book deals with a category of documents attesting to piety from individuals in ancient Egypt which develops the topic of a god who listens to... More

Bar: S2775
ISBN: 9781407314556
Editors: N. Olaya Montero, M. Montoza Coca, A. Aguilera Felipe and R. Gómez Guiu
Year: 2015

This volume presents the proceedings of the II Jornadas Predoctorales en Estudios de la Antigüedad y de la Edad Media, held at the Autonomous University of... More

Bar: S2752
ISBN: 9781407314136
Authors: Pablo Martín Rosell
Year: 2015

En suma, este libro se propone presentar y desarrollar un estudio que fundamentado en las Admoniciones de Ipuwer, de cuenta de la literatura política y la... More

Bar: S2750
ISBN: 9781407314112
Editors: Ergün Lafli and Sami Pataci with the assistance ofGonca Cankardes-Senol, Ahmet Kaan Senol and Gülseren Kan Sahin
Year: 2015

Recent studies on the Anatolian archaeology in this volume shows the great importance of the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Turkey. This volume... More

Bar: S2738
ISBN: 9781407313979
Authors: Mariano Bonanno
Year: 2015

The Duat as a regeneration dialectic space: In-habiting and re-signification of funerary space in the Underworld Books of the New Kingdom. This work is... More

Bar: S2732
ISBN: 9781407313894
Editors: Peter James and Peter G. van der Veen. Assistant editor Robert M. Porter
Year: 2015

A collection of papers presented at the Third BICANE Colloquium held at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge in March of 2011. More

Bar: S2701
ISBN: 9781407313528
Editors: Macarena Calderón Sánchez, Sergio España-Chamorro and Rubén Montoya González
Year: 2015

These archaeological studies offer to provide an alternative tour through Vesuvian cities. One way to see Pompeii, for example, is via its hydraulic systems,... More

SOMA 2011
Bar: S2695
ISBN: 9781407313443
Editors: Pietro Maria Militello and Hakan Öniz
Year: 2015

This volume presents the proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, held at the University of Catania 3–5 March 2011. The book follows... More

Bar: S2681
ISBN: 9781407313252
Authors: George Cupcea
Year: 2014

All the sources categories, epigraphy, literature and archaeology, together with the contributions of contemporary scientific methods form a solid foundation... More