Craft working (general titles, bone, glass, textiles, etc.)

Bar: S2862
Authors: Ehud Galili with contributions by Gerald Finkielsztejn, Zaraza Friedman, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Yaacov Kahanov, Robert Kool, Baruch Rosen, Jacob Sharvit, Na’ama Silberstein, Dov Zviely and a foreword by David Jacoby
Year: 2017

This book analyses archaeological finds retrieved from the Akko marina and its surroundings. Analysis of structures and installations casts light on the... More

Bar: S2857
ISBN: 9781407315843
Authors: Anne M. Compton
Year: 2017

The Bono Manso region of central Ghana was occupied from the late 12th to mid-18th centuries CE, spanning much of the zenith of the sub-Saharan and... More

Bar: S2847
ISBN: 9781407315218
Authors: Fernando Rodríguez del Cueto
Year: 2017

Esta publicación incluye todos los datos recientes recuperados en “El castro” (Pendia) durante las campañas arqueológicas desarrolladas entre 2003 y... More

Bar: S2834
ISBN: 9781407315621
Authors: James E. Bennett, Robert J. Littman, and Jay Silverstein
Year: 2016

This study documents the corpus of terracotta figurines that were found during excavations at Tell Timai between 2009 and 2013. The study assesses the... More

Bar: S2821
ISBN: 9781407315607
Authors: Graham Connah and David Pearson
Year: 2016

This book provides an account of the excavation of a single house at the Nubian site of Qasr Ibrim in 1986. The work provided a microcosm that... More

Bar: S2707
ISBN: 9781407313580
Authors: Thomas R. Kerr, Maureen Doyle, Matthew Seaver, Finbar McCormick and Aidan O'Sullivan
Year: 2015

This book investigates the archaeological evidence for crafts and production in early medieval Ireland, AD 400-1100, with a particular focus on the extensive... More

Bar: S2643
ISBN: 9781407312828
Editors: Maria Estela Mansur, Marcio Alonso Lima and Yolaine Maigrot
Year: 2014

Since it was established as a formal discAline, use-wear analysis has become routine practice in archaeological research, under the general heading of... More

Bar: S2622
ISBN: 9781407312576
Editors: Kathryn Soar and Christina Aamodt
Year: 2014

The aim of this volume is to explore a topic which occurs in all cultures from as early as the Upper Palaeolithic, but has so far been underexplored in... More

Bar: S2608
ISBN: 9781407312392
Authors: Sergio Cascella and Giuseppe Vecchio
Year: 2014

This study examines the excavation of a villa rustica located in the south-east suburbs of Naples. This villa has been attributed to C. Olius Ampliatus... More

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SOMA 2012
Bar: S2581
ISBN: 9781407312064
Editors: Luca Bombardieri, Anacleto D’Agostino, Guido Guarducci, Valentina Orsi and Stefano Valentini
Year: 2013

This book presents the proceedings of the 16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology that took place in Florence, Italy, 1–3 March 2012. More

Bar: S2556
ISBN: 9781407311777
Authors: Elisabeth Piltz
Year: 2013

A study of the origins and development of these two important articles of clothing – archetypical of Byzantine court and ecclesiastical life. More

Bar: S2508
ISBN: 9781407311265
Editors: Sophie Bergerbrant and Serena Sabatini
Year: 2013

The book celebrates Professor Kristiansens's life and achievements with 88 papers by colleagues and friends from all over the world; they are divided into... More