Clay Pipes

Bar: S2857
ISBN: 9781407315843
Authors: Anne M. Compton
Year: 2017

The Bono Manso region of central Ghana was occupied from the late 12th to mid-18th centuries CE, spanning much of the zenith of the sub-Saharan and... More

Bar: S1238
ISBN: 9781841715971
Editors: Adrian M. Chadwick
Year: 2004

This book is princAally about landscape archaeology, and how people experience the world around them. The authors of these highly original and varied 19... More

Bar: S1042
ISBN: 9781841714202
Authors: J. Cameron Monroe
Year: 2002

In this, the 16th issue of The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco PAe, the subject matter returns to the east coast of the USA, last visited by the Chesapeake... More

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Bar: S637
ISBN: 9780860548201
Authors: Shimon Gibson and David M. Jacobson
Year: 1996

Bar: 374
ISBN: 9781841716299
Authors: S. D. White
Year: 2004

As early as the eighteenth century clay tobacco pipes attracted the attention of antiquaries.In more recent years clay tobacco pipes have proved to be one of... More

Bar: 352
ISBN: 9781841715285
Authors: S. Paul Jung Jr. Edited by David A Higgins
Year: 2003

The latest volume in the BAR series The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe is the first to be devoted entirely to the history and products of a single... More

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Bar: 246
ISBN: 9780860548225
Authors: Allan Peacey, edited by Peter Davey
Year: 1996

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Bar: 239
ISBN: 9780860547730
Authors: Coin Andrew Tatman and Peter Davey
Year: 1994