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Bar: S2836
ISBN: 9781407315768
Editors: Vladimír Sládek and Jirí Machácek
Year: 2017

This monograph summarizes the first anthropological survey of human skeletons excavated at the 2nd church cemetery in Pohansko-Břeclav (Czech... More

Bar: S2834
ISBN: 9781407315621
Authors: James E. Bennett, Robert J. Littman, and Jay Silverstein
Year: 2016

This study documents the corpus of terracotta figurines that were found during excavations at Tell Timai between 2009 and 2013. The study assesses the... More

Bar: S2828
ISBN: 9781407314884
Authors: Giacomo Cavillier
Year: 2016

[Text in Italian] The Egyptian Museum of Florence has one of the most important ushabti collections in Italy and Europe. The collection contains around... More

Bar: S2821
ISBN: 9781407315607
Authors: Graham Connah and David Pearson
Year: 2016

This book provides an account of the excavation of a single house at the Nubian site of Qasr Ibrim in 1986. The work provided a microcosm that... More

Bar: S2818
ISBN: 9781407315638
Editors: Macarena Calderón Sánchez, Sergio España-Chamorro and Estefanía Alba Benito Lázaro
Year: 2016

El presente libro es la continuación de Estudios Arqueológicos del Área Vesubiana I. Ambos son recopilaciones de investigaciones - en su mayoría, españolas -... More

Bar: S2796
ISBN: 9781407320694
Editors: Thomas Guderjan
Year: 2016

This volume summarizes many aspects of more than twenty years of field research at the ancient Maya city of Blue Creek in northwestern Belize. Blue Creek was... More

Bar: S2514
ISBN: 9781407311326
Authors: Anastasia Bukina, Anna Petrakova and Catherine Phillips
Year: 2013

The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg has one of the world’s great collections of Greek vases. In addition to the numerous vases and fragments found on... More

Bar: S2428
ISBN: 9781407310275
Authors: Jean Bussière and Jean-Claude Rivel
Year: 2012

A detailed illustrated catalogue of 406 (Mediterranean, Africa and Near East) ceramic lamps, dated from the Bronze Age to Late Roman era, from the Rivel... More

Bar: S2229
ISBN: 9781407307916
Authors: John M. Weeks
Year: 2011

There has been a phenomenal increase in the literature published about the ancient, historical, and modern Maya between 2000 and 2010. This volume provides... More

Bar: S2115
ISBN: 9781407306568
Authors: Pasqualina Iosca
Year: 2010

A study of the neglected Malfese regions of southern Italy and the archaeological work undertaken in the area. The objective is to organize an excursus on... More

Bar: S1827
ISBN: 9781407302263
Authors: Luigi Bavagnoli, Gianluca Padovan
Year: 2008

Bar: S1210
ISBN: 9781841715735
Editors: Terje Oestigaard, Nils Anfinset and Tore Saetersdal
Year: 2004

This conference in honour of Randi Haaland was held in Bergen in September 2001. Although the title of the conference was ambitious, the aim was to highlight... More