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SOMA 2004

Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology. Proceedings of the eighth annual meeting of postgraduate researchers, School of Classics, Trinity College Dublin. 20-22 February 2004

Jo Day, Cybelle Greenlaw, Heinrich Hall, Amanda Kelly, Lidia Matassa, Killian McAleese, Emma Saunders and Deirdre Stritch


The eighth annual Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology took place from the 20th to 22nd February 2004 at Trinity College, Dublin. Since its inception, SOMA has sought to provide postgraduate researchers in Mediterranean archaeology with a forum in which to present their work and give voice to new trends in Mediterranean archaeological research. This year, one of the main aims of the organisers was to make the symposium inclusive of regions and time periods not normally covered by the conference, i.e., to reach beyond the eastern Mediterranean region, and the Bronze Age and Classical periods. The presentations, therefore, covered places as diverse as Libya, Sardinia, and Jerusalem, and ranging chronologically from Neanderthals to Crusaders.