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SOMA 2001 - Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology

Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers, The University of Liverpool, 23-25 February 2001

Georgina Muskett, Aikaterini Koltsida and Mercourios Georgiadis


The Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology is a conference designed to offer the opportunity to postgraduate students to present their research and discuss ideas and methods in archaeological practice. The success of the conference lies in the diversity and the amalgamation of culture found in this particular part of the world. Furthermore, this symposium is unique in its synthetic character of space and time, and thus allows researchers to promote and demonstrate new lines of thought, theory and methodology. This volume contains 30 papers on the conference’s main topics - Surveying; Landscape and Topography; Sacred Space; Symbolic Architecture; Movement and Social Dynamics; Body, Gender and Space; Iconography; Heritage.