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Site Structure and Ceramic Behaviour of a Protohistoric Cree Aggregation Campsite

Terrance H. Gibson


The book examines the use of pottery by late pre-European contact Cree people occupying a site on the bank of a river in east-central Saskatchewan (Canada). The site of Bushfield West yielded an unusually complete ceramic assemblage which was part of a rich archaeological component representing a possibly asynchronous human occupation. The intact site provided information on the vessel function, which could be correlated not only with the activities which were interpreted to have taken place on the site, but also with certain aspects of the social structure exhibited by the site’s inhabitants. An opportunity arose to explore the relationshA between pottery use and Selkirk Composite site occupation. Such a relationshA can in fact be correlated with certain kinds of social organization, including gender-specific pottery use. The book includes a catalogue of the vessels examined.