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Session C11: Ancient Cultural Landscapes in South Europe – their Ecological Setting and Evolution Session C22: Gardeners from South America Sessi

Proceedings of the XV UISPP World Congress (Lisbon 4-9 September 2006) / Actes du XV Congrès Mondial (Lisbonne 4-9 Septembre 2006) Vol.36

José Eduardo Mateus and Paula Queiroz (C11), Angela Buarque (C22), Ana Rosa Cruz (S04), António Carlos Valera and Lucy Shaw Evangelista (WS29), Laurent Carozza, Didier Galop, Michel Magny and J. Guilaine (C88), Cláudia Fidalgo and Luiz Oosterbeek
Proc. of XV World Congr. UISPP Lisbon, 4-9 Sept 06


This book includes papers from Sessions C11, C22, WS29 and C88 from the XV UISPP World Congress (Lisbon, 4-9 September 2006).