Sasanian Clay Sealings in the Bandar Abbas Museum.x

Kamal Aldin Niknami and Sona Naderi


This book presents the newly discovered assemblage of 800 Sasanian clay sealings which is now kept in the Persian Gulf Museum of Bandar Abbas, Iran. In 2012, this collection was confiscated in Bandar Khamir, Hormozgan Province when in transit from Iran to UAE, and was delivered to the Hormozgan Center of Cultural Heritage Organization. Unfortunately the provenance of the collection is still unknown, but in comparison with the large Sasanian archives of Qasr- ῑ Abu Nasr and Taxt- i Soleymān, which comprise 505 and 241 clay sealings, respectively, such a large number of clay sealings is remarkable. The book introduces this new and hitherto unpublished archive of Sasanian clay sealings and we hope that the archive in question will expand our knowledge of Sasanian economic systems.

Kamal Aldin Niknami is Professor of Methodology of Archaeology at the University of Tehran. His research interests are focused on the Iranian landscape, economy and society during early and late antiquity, and involve field work in the north and northwestern provinces of the country. His main interests have always been in seals and clay sealings from sites throughout the Iranian great empires and the transition from the Achaemenids to Parthians and Sasanians.

Sona Naderi is a doctoral student in archaeology of ancient Iran at the University of Tehran, Iran. She specialises in the visual cultures of the Sasanian Empire, with a strong emphasis on political iconography. She is interested in all aspects of Iranian medieval archaeology, both theoretical and practical. Her PhD thesis on the Sasanian administrative system is now in progress.

179 pages


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