Romanización y producción de cerámicas finas en las áreas periféricas de la provincia Bética

Factores de implantación, comercio y desarrollo técnico en el suburbium artesanal de Isturgi Triumphale (Los Villares de Andújar, Jaén) (ss. I–II d.n.e)

Pablo Ruiz Montes


This research focuses on the analysis of one of the most important pottery workshops in Hispania – the site of Los Villares de Andújar (Jaén) - which had a special trade impact on the ancient province of Baetica. In this book the author analyzes pottery production in its technological context and takes a new approach to the reality of the production centre in terms of its markets and product diffusion mechanisms during the Early Roman Empire. The author extends the traditional framework of analysis and widens the perspective to include the regional spread of the ceramic repertoire. The work also contains the archaeometric characterization of different ceramic productions manufactured by the Isturgi workshops.