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Roman Quarrying and Stone Supply on the Periphery - Southern England

A geological study of first-century funerary monuments and monumental architecture

Kevin M. J. Hayward


The content of this report which examines the geological source of the earliest examples of fine freestone carving in the province, first-century tombstones and architectural fragments, is primarily aimed at students and researchers of Roman archaeology,with only a passing interest in geology. For this reason the author has included a glossary of geological terms and where possible made the geological terminology and techniques of analysis in the main text as clear as possible. For academics from more scientific disciplines (archaeological scientists and geologists), certain Chapters (two and six) and appendices examine the geological materials in much greater detail. The CD also has an overview of British Jurassic Freestones, including amended geological maps of outcrops in southern England and northern France courtesy of the British Geological Survey. This section may therefore provide a useful tool for stone-masons, conservationists and cathedral archaeologists in identifying suitable limestone materials for restoration work.


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