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Roman Birmingham 4: Excavations at Metchley Roman Fort 2004–2005

The western fort interior, defences and post-Roman activity

Alex Jones With contributions from Erica Macey-Bracken, Hilary Cool, James Greig, Rob Ixer, Rosalind McKenna, Anthony Swiss, Jane Timby, Roger White, Felicity Wild and David Williams
Birmingham Archaeology Monograph Series


An area excavation was undertaken in December 2004–May 2005 within the western part of the interior and defences of Metchley Roman fort, Birmingham (central England) in advance of proposals for a new hospital development. This was the largest single excavation of the fort interior undertaken at Metchley, comprising an area of approximately 0.4ha, equivalent to approximately 9% of the total internal area of the Phase 1 and Phase 3 fort. This volume, the fourth in the reports, concentrates on the researches into the western fort interior, defences, and post-Roman activity.