Riparia, un patrimoine culturel

La gestion intégrée des bords de l'’eau. Proceedings of the Sudbury Workshop, April 12-–14, 2012 / Actes de l'’atelier Savoirs et pratiques de gestion intégrée des bords de l'’eau – Riparia, Sudbury, 12-–14 avril, 2012

Ella Hermon and Anne Watelet


RIPARIA is a concept encompassing the complex environment of watersides and having its semantic roots in the Roman world. It is constructed on the basis of land use patterns and economic activities (colonization, urbanization, exploitation of natural resources). The contributions to this volume present the challenges facing ancient and modern preindustrial societies in managing such areas. They highlight the role of social representations of watersides and their management (risk management, ecosystem services, cultural heritage) as an interface between the natural and the social systems, in view of identifying ethical principles for both the preservation and transformation of these environments, particularly vulnerable to climate change and variations.