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Reception of Classical Art, An Introduction

Donna Kurtz
Beazley Archive - Studies in Classical Archaeology


This volume is the third in the Beazley Archive (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) series of “Studies in Classical Archaeology”. It is based on a group of lectures given in 2003, and now intended as a “handbook” for the undergraduate degree course in the Historyof Art. The seven chapters include: The Study of art at Oxford before 1955 (Donna Kurtz); An introduction to the reception of classical art (Donna Kurtz); Nudity in Art (John Boardman); Medals and the reception of antiquity (Henry Kim); Renaissance “istoriato” maiolica (Kate Nichols); The reception of classical art – neoclassical gems (Gertrud Seidmann); The Sackler Library: ancient and modern (Robert Adam).