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Raum und Ritus. Zur Rekonstruktion minoischer Kultpraxis

Mara Zatti
Freiburg Dissertations in Aegean Archaeology


In this study of Minoan cult practice, the author looks beyond the many vivid images from Cretan prehistory, focussing on the stratigraphy of the artefacts and buildings. She lists all the known cultural rooms in a database and divides them into “primary” and “secondary” rooms, according to their cultural objects and architectural situation. The former were selected for their good state of preservation, with their artefacts found in situ. These rooms were characterised by objects which were recognised as“cultural” by archaeology, present in other ancient religions better known from written sources (Egyptian, Hittite, Greek). Using this data it became clear that the same objects appeared in different contexts and their impact was only intelligible in combination with other findings belonging to the same surrounding architecture. Four groups of cultic activities were thus identified: Small offerings; Animal sacrifices; Ceremonial events; Purification rites.