Bar: S1579
ISBN: 9781841717678
Authors: Sabrina Batino

Bar: S1322
ISBN: 9781841713915
Authors: Gerlinde Fahlbusch

Bar: S1292
ISBN: 9781841716428
Authors: Francis Zagorskis. Translated from the Latvian by Valdis Berzinš

Bar: S1177
ISBN: 9781841713458
Editors: Cristina Chiaramonte Treré and Vincenzo d'Ercole with contributions by Patrizia Boccolini, Cristina Chiaramonte Treré, Vincenzo d’Ercole, Luisa Ferrero, Debora Francone, Rossella Mantia, Gianluca Melandri and Cecilia Scotti

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Bar: S1139
ISBN: 9781841713342
Editors: Lolita Nikolova

Bar: S851
ISBN: 9781841711331
Authors: Vassilios Christides

Bar: S647
ISBN: 9780860548324
Authors: Timothy Insoll

Bar: S622
ISBN: 9780860548034
Authors: Robert A. Novella

Bar: S455
ISBN: 9780860545842
Authors: W F Buchanan

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Bar: S352
ISBN: 9780860544555
Editors: D.T. Nash and M.D. Petraglia

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ISBN: 9780860544326
Authors: Laszlo Torok

Bar: S291
ISBN: 9780860543732
Editors: E Cruwys and R. A. Foley