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This volume presents the proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, held at the University of Catania 3-5 March 2011. The book follows the principal subdivision of the conference sessions to sub-divide the presentations into thematic groups. One is dedicated to the ‘Prehistory and Proto-history of Europe and Anatolia’, including the Early civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Near East. The number of contributions to ‘History and Archaeology of the classical world’ compelled a further division into two further sections, the first devoted to ‘Archaeology’, and the second to ‘Iconography, History, Numismatic, Archaeology and Sciences”. Another section is devoted to ‘Byzantine and Medieval Archaeology and History, Museography’, and this includes papers devoted to the post-classical periods up to Ottoman archaeology and the history of research and museography. A broad geographical subdivision has been adopted throughout.