Preserving and Presenting the Past in Oxfordshire and Beyond: Essays in Memory of John Rhodes

Martin Henig and Crispin Paine


This volume comprises a collection of essays in memory of the late John Rhodes by some of his many friends and colleagues. They salute a remarkable individual of wide tastes and interests. His achievements in the conservation, study and recording of the past from the Roman period to the present day, both in museums and in the field, were prodigious. The aim of the book is to follow the tradition of English antiquarian scholarshA by taking three approaches: the study of individual monuments and objects, the investigation of the manner in which that study is reflected in their present-day care and interpretation, and the study of the wider implications of such approaches. 'Memorial volumes can be a bit hit and miss, but this one is all hits, partly because the papers are all iconoclastic in one way or another, offering an alternative view or a dissenting voice, which one senses is what John did in his own life to very good effect.' The Society of Antiquaries of London Online Newsletter (Salon): Issue 309, 25 November 2013