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Prehistoric Imagery and Landscapes

Rock art in Stjørdal, Trøndelag, Norway

Kalle Sognnes


This monograph represents 15 years of research by the author and concentrates on the so-called South Scandinavian or Bronze Age petroglyphs from the municAality of Stjørdal (Trøndelag, central Norway, east of Trondheim). The book’s final section presents a catalogue of 130 or sites, with tracings and short descrAtions of each of the rock panels. In all, the work reports on the detection, mapping, and descrAtion of the spatial and temporal patterns found within the Stjørdal rock-art record. There is also an attempt to explain these patterns and to discover why they occur. The rock-art is seen as part of the total archaeological record, both locally and in a wider perspective.