Portuguese Faience in England and Ireland

Tânia Manuel Casimiro


The object of this research is to register, analyse, understand and interpret the presence of Portuguese faience in the British Isles are the goals of this study. The search for such purpose went through an archaeological, historical and anthropological interdiscAlinarity. The production, consumption and the exportation of faience involved several processes, for which all of them the archaeological record fails in providing all the answers, although it is essential in a work where trade and economic relation patterns translated in material culture are sought. The purpose was to understand how occasional those exportations were, or if they could well be part of all the regular and immense trade between Portugal, England and Ireland. A full catalogue of the locations and the materials are presented so that future investigators can indirectly access those materials, thus complementing or forwarding new theories regarding the presence of Portuguese tin glazed ware in the British Isles.