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POLLENTIA: A Roman Colony on the Island of Mallorca

Norman A. Doenges


Excavation of the Roman colony of Pollentia began in 1957. The initial effort was limited to the property Sa Portella immediately south of the city of Alcudia, Mallorca, where three atrium-style houses were uncovered. After 1963 attention turned to the search for and excavation of the Forum of Pollentia. Annual campaigns during the summer months in the area of the Forum were initiated in 1980 on the property Ca'n Reinés and continue to this day. A brief preliminary report on the excavations appeared in 1987, but a full account has never been published, and sadly much of the record has been lost over time. The purpose of this monograph is to give a brief history of early investigations on the site, to summarize the Sa Portella excavations, the reports on which are now out of print, and to present an account in English of the discoveries in the Forum area of the city.