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Pilgrims in Stone

Stone images from the Gallo-Roman sanctuary of Fontes Sequanae

Miranda J. Aldhouse Green with contributions by Madeleine Gray, Richard Newell, Marilynne Raybould and John Peter Wild, line drawings by Anne Leaver
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Pilgrims in Stone presents a study of the stone pilgrim-imagery from the Gallo-Roman shrine to Sequanae, goddess of the river Seine at its spring-source, Fontes Sequanae near Dijon in Burgundy. The work results from a longstanding programme of research into Gallo-Roman healing sanctuaries and the rituals associated with such sites, and from an especial concern with the manner in which the worshApers at these curative spring-shrines presented themselves iconographically. The images of the supplicants to these sanctuaries, or of models of body-parts depicting specific maladies, express the desire, on the part of worshApers, to communicate with the supernatural forces who were the perceived recAients of veneration . The study comprises an in-depth investigation into the religious and social significance of the cult of Sequana at Fontes Sequanae, as expressed by the iconography presented as offerings by her devotees.