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Pictures in Transformation

Rock Art Research between Central Asia and the Subcontinent

Luca Maria Olivieri in collaboration with Laurianne Bruneau and Marco Ferrandi
South Asian Archaeology 2007. Special Sessions


This book presents papres given at the “Pictures in Transformation. Rock Art Research between Central Asia and the Subcontinent” sumposium, within the XIX EASAA Conference. Four papers are dealing with rock art in India, covering the period from the Stone Age to the end of the first millennium A.D. One of the papers is dedicated to Madhya Pradesh; the other three deal with Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir). All of the other papers deal with Ladakh. Very little has been published regarding the archaeology of this western Himalayan region. The papers, presenting petroglyphs as well as rock-reliefs, give an archaeological overview of the region from the Iron Age to the development of Buddhism. The next group of papers deals with regions to the west of the Indo-Pakistani Subcontinent, from the Hindukush mountains to Tajikistan's river valleys and Kazakhstan's steppes.