PHAROS: The Parian Settlement in Dalmatia

A study of a Greek colony in the Adriatic

Branko Kirigin


This is the first detailed study in English of the Greek settlement of Pharos (Stari Grad) on the Croatian island of Hvar. This book presents life in Stari Grad (a Parian colony of the 4th c BC) and its nearby vicinity in the period occurring more than two millennia ago. The author employs methods used in prehistoric and classical archaeology, as well as data known from written, epigraphic, and numismatic sources. Chapter 2 outlines the prehistory; Chapter 3 focuses on the colonial aspirations of Cycladic island of Paros; Chapter 4 presents the remains of the city of Pharos today; Chapter 5 explores the landscape around the city; Chapter 6, the social organisation and city administration; Chapter 7, the economy; Chapter 8, the numismatics; Chapter 9, theceramics; Chapter 10, the cults of Pharos; Chapter 11, burial rituals; Chapters 12 and 13, Demetrius of Pharos.