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Palaeoethnobotany of Princess Point, Lower Great Lakes Region, Southern Ontario, Canada

Della Saunders


This work explores the interrelationshA between humans and plants within the Princess Point culture. Princess Point is the archaeological cultural context in which a shift from an economy based on foraging to one that incorporated horticulture occurred in what is now southern Ontario. The earliest dates for evidence of corn horticulture in Ontario are from the Princess Point period (ca. 1570 to 970 B.P.). The basis of this study of the Princess Point is to explore the origins of agriculture, together with plant use generally in southern Ontario, and to gain a better understanding of a time when people were changing their subsistence pattern from one based on wild plant resources during the Middle Woodland to one that incorporated crops. Contents: Chapter One: Introduction; Chapter Two: Princess Point; Chapter Three: Plant Evidence: Sampling and Methods; Chapter Four: Identification and Quantification of Plant Remains; Chapter Five: Princess Point Plant Use; Chapter Six: Discussion and Conclusions.