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One Land, Many Landscapes

Papers from a session held at the European Association of Archaeologists Fifth Annual Meeting in Bournemouth 1999

Timothy Darvill and Martin Gojda


This work is the result of an EAA session exploring themes of unity and diversity in the way that archaeologists have come to explore and understand elements of the land of Europe. The 17 papers (all expanded and re-worked since the Bournemouth meeting) in this volume were brought together in an attempt to answer such questions and concerns as how can new approaches to past and present landscapes be applied in the field? What methodologies are appropriate? Do we need to re-set the agenda so far as routine survey and recording work are concerned? Included are contributions on theoretical issues, sites:environment relationshAs, field survey and post-survey methodology, landscape interpretation, and regional heritage management and protection. With an emphasis on the Stone Age, the sites featured range from Russia and Poland, to Italy.