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New Developments in Italian Landscape Archaeology

Theory and methodology of field survey Land evaluation and landscape perception Pottery production and distribution. Proceedings of a three-day conference held at the University of Groningen, April 13-15, 2000

Peter Attema, Gert-Jan Burgers, Ester Van Joolen, Martijn Van Leusen and Benoît Mater


The 7 sections in this volume represent the proceedings of the three-day international conference ‘Regional Pathways to Complexity’ held in April 2000 at the University of Groningen. They bring togethre expert contributions on a broad range of common themes in Mediterranean landscape archaeology – including: the comparison of settlement histories across projects and regions; the methods and methodologies involved in analysing regional settlement data; the relationshA between pottery technology and production and societal proceses such as urbanisation and colonisation; the potential of land use models based on land evaluation techniques; and the archaeological study of past landscape perception from an urban and colonial perspective. To students of Italian archaeology, and Mediterranean archaeology in general, the papers and workshop discussions will serve as an excellent introduction to these subjects and their complexities, conveying the state-of-the-art in Mediterranean landscape archaeology.