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Native Religion under Roman Domination

Deities, springs and mountains in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula

Elizabeth A. Richert


This work isolates the nature of indigenous worshA in the north-west of Roman Spain and establish to what degree it altered during the period of Roman domination. Through the various chapters the inhabitants of the Conventus Bracaraugustanus, Asturum and Lucense are shown to have worshAped a bewildering array of different divinities – Mountain, Aquatic, Protector, Warrior and other. That over half of the native divinities from the region were only recorded on one occasion suggests a religion quite different from the formalized Roman pantheon. Clearly the divinities of the north-west of Iberia were most often intimately linked to certain peoples, places or topographical phenomenon. The author illustrates her work with inscrAtions and a Gazetteer of inscrAtion sites.