‘My Life is like the Summer Rose’ Maurizio Ai e l’Archeologia come modo di vivere

Papers in honour of Maurizio Ai for his 70th birthday

Editors in chief C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky and B. Genito, Editor B. Cerasetti


This volume collates 99 papers in honour of Maurizio Ai’s 70th birthday. Contributions by diverse authors, on very diverse and sometimes unrelated topics reflect the breadth of Maurizio’s own exceptional scientific investigations that took him through America, Asia, Arabia and India to follow a career path at times truly unique in his research. This book, as one can see running through many of the contributions presented here, offers a unique opportunity for all of us, as it will be for him too, to read directly in the words of his friends and colleagues, near and far, alongside the results of original research presented in the various papers, the many impressions, memories, criticisms, disappointments and joys of paths which crossed with his.