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Metalworking Technology and Deterioration of Jin Bronzes from the Tianma-Qucun Site, Shanxi, China

Quanyu Wang


The subject of Dr Wang’s research is the technical study of excavated bronze fragments from the site of Tianma-Qucun, situated in southwest Shanxi province, China. The site was identified as an early capital of the Jin state in the periods of the WesternZhou and early ‘Spring and Autumn’ (i.e. 1027-650 BC). This study of 47 fragments provides new metallurgical data on Jin bronzes, specifically on casting techniques and the deterioration of these bronzes in their burial environment (corrosion study helpsguide investigative cleaning and conservation treatment). Comparing bronzes from the elite tombs with those from other graves reveals social differences within the Jin culture. The main chapters cover a general review of the Bronze Age; descrAtions of the Tianma-Qucun site; project methodology; analysis; corrosion reports; alloy composition. Technical data for the samples are reported in the catalogue and the accompanying CD, which allows full-colour viewing.