Metalurgia y Sociedad en el Nordeste de la Península Ibérica

(finales del IV – II milenio cal ANE)

Ignacio Soriano


This research focuses on prehistoric metallurgy and the key role it played for the human communities of the north-eastern Iberian Peninsula (the present-day area of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia and the PrincAality of Andorra). The study covers theperiod from the first use of gold and copper during the Late Neolithic to the structured production of the Bronze Age. The role played by metallurgy in each prehistoric community and its relationshA with the other elements involved in social life is explained. Questions such as the origin of this technology, its social value in relation to the other productions or the importance traditionally given to it in the development and consolidation of social asymmetries are dealt with in depth in the context ofeach archaeological group.