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Memory and the Mountain

Environmental Relations of the Wachagga of Kilimanjaro and Implications for Landscape Archaeology

Timothy A R Clack
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


This book considers the relationshAs between memory, experience and landscape from insights gained conducting ethnographic research; its primary focus is the Wachagga of Kilimanjaro, East Africa. In so doing this investigation into the memoryscape mightbe labelled an ‘archaeological ethnography’ for not only is it an ethnography produced by an archaeologist, it was conducted with archaeological applications in mind. The motivation of this ethnographical research was the theorisation of some issues involved in landscape archaeology. There has been considerable attention given to the religious dimensions of archaeological landscapes. The purpose of this study is to augment such appreciations by theorising the complex environmental relations of a contemporary culture. Such theorisation enables recognition of the wealth of human experience that is archaeologically unknowable.